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lighten2 to reduce the weight of. [2 definitions]
lighthearted cheerful or gay; carefree.
lighthouse a tower with a flashing light for guiding ships and warning them of dangers in the water.
lighting the type and arrangement of lights in an area.
lightly with little weight or force. [3 definitions]
lightning natural electricity produced in thunderclouds. Lightning appears as a bright flash or streak of light in the sky. [2 definitions]
lightning bug another name for firefly.
light pen an electronic device that can detect light and dark areas on a computer screen. It is used to select objects on the screen.
light switch a device, especially one that is attached to a wall or a lamp, used to turn a light on or off.
light-year a unit of distance equal to the distance light can travel in one year, about six trillion miles.
likable liked by others, or easy to like.
-like a suffix that means "similar to" or "like."
like1 having close resemblance. [5 definitions]
like2 to find pleasure in; enjoy. [4 definitions]
like a book completely; thoroughly.
like crazy (informal) to a very great or extreme degree; wildly.
likelihood how probable it is that something will happen.
likely to be expected; probable. [4 definitions]
like mad (informal) with great speed or enthusiasm.
likeness the condition of looking like or being similar to someone or something else; similarity. [2 definitions]
likewise as well; also. [2 definitions]