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like2 to find pleasure in; enjoy. [4 definitions]
like a book completely; thoroughly.
like crazy (informal) to a very great or extreme degree; wildly.
likelihood how probable it is that something will happen.
likely to be expected; probable. [4 definitions]
like mad (informal) with great speed or enthusiasm.
likeness the condition of looking like or being similar to someone or something else; similarity. [2 definitions]
likewise as well; also. [2 definitions]
liking a feeling of preferring, enjoying, or being fond of.
lilac a shrub that has large clusters of purple, white, or pink flowers. [3 definitions]
lily a plant that grows from a bulb and has large flowers shaped like bells or trumpets. [3 definitions]
lily of the valley a plant of the lily family that has small, white flowers shaped like bells. The flowers have a pleasant smell and are grown by many people.
lima bean a plant that bears wide pods that have large green or white seeds inside them. [2 definitions]
limb1 a main branch of a tree. [2 definitions]
lime1 a white powder made of calcium oxide. Lime is used in cement, in making steel and paper, and in making some soils better for growing plants.
lime2 a small green citrus fruit. [2 definitions]
limerick a humorous poem that has five lines, with the first two lines rhyming with the last, and the third and fourth lines rhyming with each other.
limestone a rock formed mostly from shells and other animal remains. Limestone is used in building and in making cement, lime, and carbon dioxide.
limit the point at which something ends; a boundary or border. [3 definitions]
limited having limits or boundaries; not endless.
limp1 to walk in an uneven, difficult way because of a lame or injured leg or foot. [2 definitions]