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lime2 a small green citrus fruit. [2 definitions]
limerick a humorous poem that has five lines, with the first two lines rhyming with the last, and the third and fourth lines rhyming with each other.
limestone a rock formed mostly from shells and other animal remains. Limestone is used in building and in making cement, lime, and carbon dioxide.
limit the point at which something ends; a boundary or border. [3 definitions]
limited having limits or boundaries; not endless.
limp1 to walk in an uneven, difficult way because of a lame or injured leg or foot. [2 definitions]
limp2 not stiff or firm.
Lincoln's Birthday a holiday on February 12, the day on which President Abraham Lincoln's birthday is celebrated.
line1 a long, thin mark. [10 definitions]
line2 to cover the inside of. [2 definitions]
linear having to do with a line; straight. [2 definitions]
linen cloth, yarn, or thread made from flax. [2 definitions]
liner1 a commercial ship or airplane that carries passengers on a regular route.
liner2 something that lines the inside or covers the outside of something. It is usually for protection and can often be removed.
line up to form a line, one person after the other.
linger to remain or be slow to leave.
lining1 a layer of tissue or other material covering the inside of something.
link one of the separate closed pieces of a chain. [3 definitions]
linking verb a verb that connects a subject to the words that tell about the subject. In the sentence, "I was very tired," "was" is a linking verb.
linoleum a floor covering that is not easily worn out. Linoleum is made by pressing linseed oil and ground-up wood products onto a canvas backing.
linseed oil a yellowish oil that comes from the seed of flax plants. It is used in making oil paints, ink, and linoleum.