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lining1 a layer of tissue or other material covering the inside of something.
link one of the separate closed pieces of a chain. [3 definitions]
linking verb a verb that connects a subject to the words that tell about the subject. In the sentence, "I was very tired," "was" is a linking verb.
linoleum a floor covering that is not easily worn out. Linoleum is made by pressing linseed oil and ground-up wood products onto a canvas backing.
linseed oil a yellowish oil that comes from the seed of flax plants. It is used in making oil paints, ink, and linoleum.
lion a large, very strong mammal with short tan fur. Male lions have a mane of longer hair around the neck and head. Lions live in parts of Africa and Asia. They are carnivores and are closely related to tigers, leopards, and other big cats that roar.
lioness a female lion.
lip either of the upper or lower edges of flesh that circle the mouth and are used in speech. [3 definitions]
lip-read to understand by looking at a speaker's lips instead of by hearing the words.
lipstick a cosmetic for coloring the lips. It usually comes in stick form inside a tube.
liquid in a form that flows easily and is neither a solid nor a gas. [2 definitions]
liquor a type of strong alcoholic drink.
lira the main unit of money of Italy, San Marino, and Vatican City.
Lisbon the capital city of Portugal.
lisp a speech problem in which "s" is pronounced like the "th" sound in "thick" and "z" is pronounced like the "th" sound in "this." [2 definitions]
list1 a series of names, numbers, or things placed one after another in a written form. [2 definitions]
list2 a leaning to one side, as of a boat or ship; tilt. [2 definitions]
listen to try to hear. [2 definitions]
listener one who listens.
lit1 a past tense and past participle of light1.
liter the basic unit of capacity of the metric system, equal to 1.056 liquid quarts or 0.908 dry quarts. (abbreviated: l)