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lit1 a past tense and past participle of light1.
liter the basic unit of capacity of the metric system, equal to 1.056 liquid quarts or 0.908 dry quarts. (abbreviated: l)
literacy the state of being able to read or write.
literally word for word. [2 definitions]
literary having to do with literature or those who write or read literature. [2 definitions]
literate able to read and write. [2 definitions]
literature writings that have lasting value. Literature includes stories, poems, plays, and essays. [2 definitions]
Lithuania a country of eastern Europe bordered by the Baltic Sea, Poland, Belarus, and Latvia. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.
litmus paper a small strip of treated paper used in chemistry. Litmus paper turns red in an acid and blue in a base.
litter a mess of waste materials or other objects scattered about. [5 definitions]
little small in size. [8 definitions]
little by little in small amounts; gradually.
Little Dipper the constellation Ursa Minor. The stars that make up this constellation form a pattern that looks like a dipper.
live1 to have life; be in an active state. [4 definitions]
live2 being alive; having life. [4 definitions]
live high on (or off) the hog to live in a way that shows that you spend a lot of money.
livelihood means of earning or getting what is needed to live.
lively full of life or energy. [4 definitions]
liver1 a large, reddish brown organ in the body that has many functions. The liver cleans the blood, stores energy and nutrients, makes bile, and helps the body digest fats. It is found at the top of the abdomen. [2 definitions]
livery a uniform worn by a male servant such as a butler or chauffeur. [2 definitions]
lives plural of life.