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locomotion the act of moving or the power to move from one place to another.
locomotive an engine that moves by its own power. It is used to pull or push railroad cars.
locust an insect that travels in large groups called swarms. They damage crops and other plants in their path by eating them. They are a type of grasshopper. [3 definitions]
lode a deposit of a mineral that fills a crack in an area of rock.
lodestone a rock that acts as a magnet and attracts iron.
lodge a cabin, hut, or other shelter meant to be used by people doing outdoor activities. [7 definitions]
lodger a person who rents a furnished room or rooms.
lodging a place to live in for a short time; dwelling. [2 definitions]
loft an open space or room just under the roof; attic. [3 definitions]
lofty of great height; high. [3 definitions]
log1 a large, thick piece of a tree that has been cut down and is ready for sawing, burning, or building. [5 definitions]
loganberry a prickly plant grown for its berries. [2 definitions]
logger a person who works in logging; lumberjack.
logic a way of solving a problem that uses careful thought and reasoning.
-logical a suffix that means "related to the study of."
logical in accord with the rules of logic. [3 definitions]
logo a company's name, trademark, or symbol.
log on to enter a computer system with a password.
-logy a suffix that means "the science or study of."
loin the part of the body on either side of the spine between the ribs and the hip. [2 definitions]
loiter to stand around idly.