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lorry a British word for a large vehicle used for transporting goods or materials. "Lorry" has the same meaning as "truck."
Los Angeles a city in the U.S. state of California, on the Pacific Ocean.
lose to no longer have; be unable to find; misplace. [5 definitions]
lose one's balance to become unsteady or fall.
lose one's shirt to lose all that one owns.
loss a failure to keep or continue. [5 definitions]
lost no longer possessed or not able to be found. [6 definitions]
lost and found a place where lost things are kept until the owner comes for them or until they are finally disposed of.
lost in the shuffle forgotten, ignored, or lost in the general confusion.
lot a large amount or number. [5 definitions]
lotion a thick liquid for rubbing on the skin. Lotions are used to moisten, heal, or protect the skin.
lottery a game of chance in which people buy or are given tickets with numbers on them and the winning number is chosen at random.
lotus a kind of flowering plant that lives in the water. Some water lilies are lotuses. [2 definitions]
loud having a large amount of sound; easily heard. [3 definitions]
loudspeaker an electronic device that makes sound louder and broadcasts it in one area, such as a room or a stadium.
Louisiana a state in the southern United States. Its capital is Baton Rouge. (abbreviated: LA)
lounge to spend one's time relaxing. [5 definitions]
louse a very small insect without wings that lives on the bodies of people, birds, and other animals. Lice suck blood from animals, and some kinds can spread disease.
lousy covered with lice. [3 definitions]
lovable having a nature that attracts love.
love strong feelings of affection for another person or thing. [5 definitions]