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loud having a large amount of sound; easily heard. [3 definitions]
loudspeaker an electronic device that makes sound louder and broadcasts it in one area, such as a room or a stadium.
Louisiana a state in the southern United States. Its capital is Baton Rouge. (abbreviated: LA)
lounge to spend one's time relaxing. [5 definitions]
louse a very small insect without wings that lives on the bodies of people, birds, and other animals. Lice suck blood from animals, and some kinds can spread disease.
lousy covered with lice. [3 definitions]
lovable having a nature that attracts love.
love strong feelings of affection for another person or thing. [5 definitions]
lovely charming or beautiful in appearance. [2 definitions]
loving feeling or showing love.
low1 close to the ground or bottom; not high. [10 definitions]
lower1 to cause to move to a position below; let down. [6 definitions]
lower case Letters that are not capitals. In printing, the tray that holds these letters is called the lower case.
low tide the tide at its lowest water level, or the time when this happens.
loyal showing devotion and faithfulness to someone or something.
loyalty the condition of being faithful or loyal.
lozenge a small piece of hard candy that contains medicine. A lozenge is held in the mouth and sucked to ease a sore throat or cough.
lubricate to coat or supply with grease, oil, or another slippery substance.
luck the force believed to guide things which seem to happen to a person by chance. [2 definitions]
luckily by good fortune.
lucky resulting from or having good fortune.