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lurch1 a sudden sideways motion, as of a boat. [4 definitions]
lure something that attracts or tempts by promising some reward. [3 definitions]
lurk to be hidden; lie in wait. [2 definitions]
luscious delicious to taste or smell.
lush growing thick and healthy. [2 definitions]
lust a strong desire for something (usually followed by "for"). [2 definitions]
luster the shine of a surface that softly reflects light; glow.
lute a stringed instrument that has a bent neck and a body shaped like a pear.
Luxembourg a country in western Europe between Germany, Belgium, and France. Luxembourg City is the capital of Luxembourg.
luxuriant growing thickly and in great numbers; lush. [2 definitions]
luxurious giving great comfort or pleasure.
luxury something very pleasant but not necessary. [2 definitions]
-ly a suffix that means in a certain way. [3 definitions]
lye a strong substance used in making soap. It was once made from wood ashes.
lying1 the telling of lies. [3 definitions]
lying2 present participle of lie2.
lymph a slightly yellowish liquid produced by body tissues. It contains many white blood cells.
lynx a mammal in the cat family with soft, spotted fur, pointed ears, and a short tail. Several kinds of lynx live in Europe, North America, and Asia. They are carnivores and are related to other wild cats. The average lynx is about two to four times the size of a house cat.
lyre a stringed instrument of ancient Greece that is like a harp.
lyric relating to poetry that has a musical rhythm and often expresses private feelings and thoughts. [3 definitions]
lyrical showing deep feeling.