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magazine a printed collection of stories, pictures, articles, and advertisements. Magazines come out weekly, monthly, or at some other regular period of time. [2 definitions]
magenta the color that comes from mixing red and purple paint.
maggot the larva of flies and certain other insects. Maggots do not have legs or wings.
magic mysterious control of physical forces or events through spells or special ceremonies. [4 definitions]
magical of or made by magic.
magician a person who has skill in magic and entertains people with magic tricks.
magma hot, liquid matter beneath the earth's surface that cools to form igneous rock. Magma that reaches the earth's surface, as when a volcano erupts, is called lava.
magnesium a light, silver-white metal that is a chemical element. It burns brightly when heated and is used for making fireworks. (symbol: Mg)
magnet an object that has the power to pull items made of iron, and certain other metals, toward itself.
magnetic having to do with magnets and the way they work. [2 definitions]
magnetic field the space around a magnet in which a magnetic force is active.
magnetic pole either of the two points of a magnet where the lines of magnetic force meet and are strongest. [2 definitions]
magnetic tape a thin plastic ribbon with a magnetic coating, used to record sound and images. Magnetic tape is found in audio cassettes and videocassettes.
magnetism the power of a magnet to attract. [2 definitions]
magnetize to cause to become a magnet.
magnificence the quality of being grand or splendid.
magnificent very grand in size or splendid in beauty.
magnify to cause to appear larger. [2 definitions]
magnifying glass a lens that makes objects seen through it appear larger.
magnitude size or extent. [4 definitions]
magnolia a tree or shrub with large pink, white, or purple flowers. In many species blooms appear before the leaves. [2 definitions]