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magnetic pole either of the two points of a magnet where the lines of magnetic force meet and are strongest. [2 definitions]
magnetic tape a thin plastic ribbon with a magnetic coating, used to record sound and images. Magnetic tape is found in audio cassettes and videocassettes.
magnetism the power of a magnet to attract. [2 definitions]
magnetize to cause to become a magnet.
magnificence the quality of being grand or splendid.
magnificent very grand in size or splendid in beauty.
magnify to cause to appear larger. [2 definitions]
magnifying glass a lens that makes objects seen through it appear larger.
magnitude size or extent. [4 definitions]
magnolia a tree or shrub with large pink, white, or purple flowers. In many species blooms appear before the leaves. [2 definitions]
magpie a large black and white bird with a long tail and a noisy, chattering call.
mahogany an evergreen tree that grows in tropical North and South America. It has hard, reddish brown wood. [3 definitions]
maid a girl or woman who is paid to do housework. [2 definitions]
maiden a young woman or girl who is not married. [2 definitions]
maiden name the last name of a woman before she marries and takes her husband's last name.
maid of honor an unmarried woman who is the most important attendant of a bride at her wedding.
mail1 the system set up to send and deliver letters, packages and other items; postal system. [4 definitions]
mail2 flexible armor made of connected metal rings.
mailbox a public box in which people place letters to be sent by mail. [2 definitions]
mail carrier a person whose job is to deliver mail.
mailman a man whose job is to deliver mail; postman.