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malnutrition the condition of not having enough food or not having the right kind of food for good health.
malt barley that is allowed to sprout, then used to make beer and ale.
Malta an island country in the Mediterranean Sea that is made up of the island of Malta and a number of nearby islands. The capital of Malta is Valletta.
malted milk a drink made of milk and dried malt mixed with ice cream.
mama (informal) mother.
mammal a warm-blooded animal with fur or hair on its skin and a skeleton inside its body. Mammal mothers produce milk to feed their babies. Most mammals have four legs or two arms and two legs. Dogs, cows, elephants, mice, whales, and humans are all mammals.
mammoth a very large extinct mammal closely related to elephants. Mammoths were much bigger than elephants, and had shaggy black fur and long tusks that curved upward. Several kinds of mammoths lived in the Northern Hemisphere until the end of the last Ice Age. [2 definitions]
man an adult male human being. [4 definitions]
manage to direct or control. [3 definitions]
management the act or process of managing. [2 definitions]
manager the person who controls a business or acts as the leader of a plan or project.
manatee a mammal that lives in the ocean and has flippers for front legs. Manatees eat sea plants and are very gentle. Different kinds of manatees live near the shores or in coastal rivers of Florida, the West Indies, Central America, South America, and West Africa. They are also called sea cows.
mandarin a public official, or a person of high rank or influence in imperial China. [3 definitions]
mandate the command or message given to an elected official by the votes of the people. [3 definitions]
mandolin a musical instrument in the lute family with four or five pairs of strings that are usually strummed.
mane the long hair on the back and sides of the neck of horses, lions, and other animals.
maneuver a planned movement of soldiers, ships, or tanks. [5 definitions]
manganese a dense, hard, grayish white metal that is one of the chemical elements. It is used in making steel, and is also used to color glass purple. (symbol: Mn)
manger a box or trough from which farm animals eat.
mangle1 to damage badly by cutting, crushing, or tearing apart.
mango a sweet, juicy fruit with a long shape and smooth yellow-orange skin.