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mandate the command or message given to an elected official by the votes of the people. [3 definitions]
mandolin a musical instrument in the lute family with four or five pairs of strings that are usually strummed.
mane the long hair on the back and sides of the neck of horses, lions, and other animals.
maneuver a planned movement of soldiers, ships, or tanks. [5 definitions]
manganese a dense, hard, grayish white metal that is one of the chemical elements. It is used in making steel, and is also used to color glass purple. (symbol: Mn)
manger a box or trough from which farm animals eat.
mangle1 to damage badly by cutting, crushing, or tearing apart.
mango a sweet, juicy fruit with a long shape and smooth yellow-orange skin.
manhole an opening in a street large enough for a person to climb into to make repairs underneath the street. A manhole is usually covered by a lid.
manhood the condition of being an adult male.
maniac a person who is insane. [3 definitions]
manicure a treatment for the fingernails that includes trimming, shaping, and sometimes polishing. [2 definitions]
Manitoba a Canadian province between Ontario and Saskatchewan. Its capital is Winnipeg.
mankind the whole human race.
man-made made or formed by human beings; not natural.
manner a way of doing something; style. [3 definitions]
manoeuvre a spelling of maneuver used in Canada and Britain. See maneuver for more information.
man-of-war an old word for warship. [2 definitions]
manor a large estate and its main house or mansion.
mansion a large, grand, expensive home.
manslaughter the crime of killing a person without planning or meaning to do so.