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marker a pen, usually with a felt tip, that makes thick lines of ink. A marker is used for marking and writing.
market a place where goods are sold. [4 definitions]
marketing advertising and other activities involved in getting people to buy a product or service from a company.
marketplace an area, either outside or inside, where goods are sold.
marking a mark or marks. [2 definitions]
marmalade a jam that contains bits of fruit and peel.
maroon1 having a dark brownish-red color.
maroon2 to leave on an island or coast, far from other people; abandon.
marquee a canopy or a covering like a roof over the entrance to a building. The marquee over a theater shows the title of the current play or film and sometimes the names of the actors.
marquis a nobleman whose rank is above an earl or count and below a duke.
marquise the wife or widow of a marquis. [2 definitions]
marriage the state of two people being joined by law, having pledged to be faithful to one another all their lives as a couple. [2 definitions]
married having a partner in marriage.
marrow the soft tissue that fills the hollow centers of most bones. One type of marrow makes new blood cells.
marry to take in marriage; take as one's husband or wife. [2 definitions]
Mars the god of war in Roman mythology. In Greek mythology, Mars is called Ares. [2 definitions]
marsh a low, wet area, often thick with tall grasses; bog.
marshal in the United States, an officer of a federal court whose duties are like those of a sheriff. [3 definitions]
marshmallow a soft, spongy candy.
marsupial an animal in a group of mammals that includes kangaroos and opossums. Female marsupials have a pouch outside their belly where the mother carries her young after they are born. Most marsupials live in Australia.
martial having to do with war or military activities.