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maybe perhaps; possibly.
mayfly a delicate insect with two pairs of wings. The mayfly larva may live for several years in a stream, lake, or river. Once it turns into an adult, it lives for only a few hours. [2 definitions]
mayhem violent disorder or utter chaos.
mayonnaise a thick dressing of oil, vinegar or lemon juice, seasonings, and egg yolks. Mayonnaise is used in salads, sandwiches, and other dishes.
mayor the head of government in a village, town, or city.
Maypole a high pole decorated with flowers and ribbons, around which people dance to celebrate May Day.
maze a complicated network of paths or passages between high walls or thick hedges which are often designed to confuse those who travel through them.
mb an abbreviation for megabyte, or megabytes.
M.B.A. a degree earned in accounting or other areas of business after one or two years of additional courses following college. M.B.A. is an abbreviation for "Master of Business Administration."
MD an abbreviation for Maryland.
M.D. Doctor of Medicine. M.D. is the abbreviation for the Latin words "medicinae doctor."
ME an abbreviation for Maine.
me the form of "I" that is used as the object of a verb or preposition.
meadow an open field of grass that is growing wild or is used for pasture or to grow hay.
meadowlark one of two kinds of North American songbirds that nest in open fields and have a sweet, musical song. A meadowlark has a yellow breast marked with black.
meager low in amount, strength, or value.
meal1 an occasion when food is prepared and eaten at a specific time. [2 definitions]
meal2 corn, oats, or other grain that has been ground.
mean1 to have as a goal or purpose; intend. [6 definitions]
mean2 not nice; nasty or cruel. [2 definitions]
mean3 something halfway between two extremes. [3 definitions]