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mean1 to have as a goal or purpose; intend. [6 definitions]
mean2 not nice; nasty or cruel. [2 definitions]
mean3 something halfway between two extremes. [3 definitions]
mean business to be serious about doing something.
meander to wind back and forth. [2 definitions]
meaning what is meant by a word; definition. [2 definitions]
meaningful full of meaning or significance.
means a method or instrument used to reach a goal or accomplish something. [2 definitions]
meant past tense and past participle of "mean1."
meantime the time that is in between.
meanwhile at the same time; during or in the time between.
measles (used with a singular or plural verb) a very contagious disease that causes a fever and red spots on the skin. Measles usually affects children and does not last a long time.
measure the exact size, weight, or amount of something that is found by using a ruler, yardstick, scale, or similar device. [7 definitions]
measurement the act or process of measuring. [2 definitions]
measure out to mark off and separate from the whole.
measuring cup a specially designed cup used in cooking for measuring ingredients. Some measuring cups are designed to hold one specific amount of an ingredient such as a half cup, third cup, or quarter cup. Many large measuring cups are marked to show different levels of capacity.
measuring spoon a spoon, often attached with others of different sizes as a set, that when filled gives a specific amount of a substance. Measuring spoons are used especially in cooking or baking.
measuring tape a flexible tape used to measure length; tape measure.
meat the flesh of animals when used as food. [3 definitions]
meatball chopped or ground meat that is seasoned, shaped into a small ball, and cooked, often in a sauce.
mechanic a worker who is skilled in making, using, and repairing tools, machines, and motors.