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Mediterranean see "Mediterranean Sea."
Mediterranean Sea a large sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by Europe on the north, Asia on the east, and Africa on the south.
medium a substance that is a means of passing on a force or an effect. [6 definitions]
medley a musical piece that uses the melodies from several different pieces of music. [2 definitions]
meek doing what others want; not standing up for oneself; tame. [2 definitions]
meet1 to come face to face with; encounter. [8 definitions]
meeting the act of coming face to face; encounter. [3 definitions]
megabyte a unit of measurement equal to 1,048,576 bytes. Megabytes are used to measure the amount of electronic information that can be stored by a computer.
megaphone a device shaped like a cone that is held by a person and used to direct the sound of a voice and make it louder.
Mekong River a major river that begins in China and flows southeast through the countries of Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
melancholy a feeling of sadness or depression. [3 definitions]
mellow soft, juicy, and full of flavor, because it is ripe. [5 definitions]
melodious having a pleasant melody. [2 definitions]
melody musical sounds in a pleasant order and arrangement. [2 definitions]
melon a fruit that grows on vines and has a hard outer layer and thick, juicy flesh.
melt to change from a solid to a liquid state through heat or pressure. [4 definitions]
member one of the people or things in a particular group. [2 definitions]
membership the state of being a member. [2 definitions]
membrane a thin layer of tissue found in living things. Some kinds of membranes cover the outside or inside of organs. Other membranes separate or connect different parts of the body.
memento something, such as a small object, that reminds a person of a past event, period of time, or relationship.
memo a short form of memorandum.