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mess a state of being dirty or not neat. [5 definitions]
message spoken or written information sent from one person or group to another. [4 definitions]
mess around (informal) to spend time without any purpose.
messenger a person who carries and delivers messages and packages.
messy dirty or not tidy. [2 definitions]
met past tense and past participle of meet.
metabolism the processes in plants and animals by which food is changed into energy or used to make cells and tissues.
metal any solid mineral element that exhibits certain characteristics such as the ability to conduct heat or electricity. Most metals may be shaped under heat or pressure. Iron, silver, copper, and gold are metals.
metallic made of or containing metal. [2 definitions]
metamorphic having to do with a change in form. [2 definitions]
metamorphosis the changes in form of some living things as they grow. The change from caterpillar to butterfly or from tadpole to frog are examples of metamorphoses. [2 definitions]
metaphor a phrase that describes something by comparing it to some other thing.
meteor a bright streak or flash in the sky which occurs when small pieces of space material enter our atmosphere and burn up, often called a shooting star.
meteorite a piece of rock from outer space that has landed on Earth.
meteorology the science that studies the earth's weather and atmosphere.
-meter a suffix that means "measure," or "a device for measuring."
meter1 the basic unit of length of the metric system, equal to one hundred centimeters or 3.28 feet.
meter2 a particular rhythmic pattern or the rhythmic pattern of units or feet of poetry. [3 definitions]
meter3 a device that measures or records distance, speed, time, quantity, or degree.
methane a gas made of carbon and hydrogen atoms that is stored in and collected from the earth. Methane is used for heating and cooking in the form of natural gas.
method a way of doing something. [2 definitions]