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mineral a substance formed in the earth that is not of an animal or a plant. [2 definitions]
Minerva the goddess of wisdom and art in Roman myth. In Greek myth, Minerva is called Athena.
mingle to come together or join with other people. [2 definitions]
miniature A miniature is something that is exactly like something else but much smaller in size. [2 definitions]
minimize to make as small as possible. [2 definitions]
minimum the smallest or least possible amount, degree, or number. [3 definitions]
mining the act or business of digging up coal, ore, or other minerals in a mine.
minister a person authorized to perform or help at the religious services of some religions. [4 definitions]
mink a small mammal with dark brown fur, a long body, short legs, and a bushy tail. Mink live near water, where they hunt water animals. One kind of mink lives in Europe and Asia; another kind lives in North America. Mink are closely related to polecats, ferrets, and other weasels. [2 definitions]
Minnesota a state in the midwestern United States. Its capital is St. Paul. (abbreviated: MN)
minnow a small fish that lives in fresh water.
minor less important or serious than others of the same kind. [3 definitions]
minority a part or amount that is less than half the total. [2 definitions]
minor league any lower-level league than the major leagues in professional baseball in the United States.
minor scale any musical scale in which there is a half-step between the second and third tones and seventh and eighth tones.
minstrel a musician and poet who traveled from place to place to entertain people during the Middle Ages. [2 definitions]
mint1 a plant with a strong, pleasant smell whose leaves are used as a flavoring. Peppermint and spearmint are members of the mint family. [2 definitions]
mint2 a factory where money is manufactured by the government. [4 definitions]
minuend a number from which another number is subtracted.
minus made less by subtracting. [5 definitions]
minute1 a unit of time equal to sixty seconds or one sixtieth of an hour. (abbreviated: min.) [4 definitions]