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mint1 a plant with a strong, pleasant smell whose leaves are used as a flavoring. Peppermint and spearmint are members of the mint family. [2 definitions]
mint2 a factory where money is manufactured by the government. [4 definitions]
minuend a number from which another number is subtracted.
minus made less by subtracting. [5 definitions]
minute1 a unit of time equal to sixty seconds or one sixtieth of an hour. (abbreviated: min.) [4 definitions]
minute2 very small in size or amount; tiny. [2 definitions]
minute hand the longer hand on a watch or a clock, which moves around the entire face once an hour and shows the minutes.
minuteman an American soldier of the Revolutionary War, who was ready to fight on a minute's notice.
miracle an event that cannot be explained by the known laws of nature and is thought to be caused by a power not of the earth. [2 definitions]
miraculous of the nature of a miracle. [2 definitions]
mirage an illusion in which something is seen in the distance but is not really there. A mirage often occurs in the desert or on hot pavement, creating the illusion of water. A mirage is caused when light is reflected by air masses of different temperatures.
mirror a smooth surface that reflects an image of whatever is in front of it. A mirror is usually made of glass with a coat of shiny metal on the back. [2 definitions]
mis-1 a prefix that means bad or wrong.
misbehave to act or behave badly.
miscalculate to calculate or judge incorrectly.
miscellaneous made up of many different kinds.
mischief bad behavior that is often playful but can be annoying or dangerous to others. [2 definitions]
mischievous tending to behave in an annoying or mildly harmful way. [2 definitions]
misconduct wrong behavior; bad conduct.
miscount to count incorrectly. [2 definitions]
miser a greedy, stingy person who lives in a poor way in order to save money.