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mist a mass or cloud of tiny water drops in the air. [4 definitions]
mistake a thought or action that is not correct; error. [3 definitions]
mistaken being an error. [2 definitions]
Mister a title of respect placed before a man's last name. It is usually abbreviated as "Mr."
mistletoe a poisonous, evergreen plant that has white berries and small, yellow flowers. Mistletoe is a parasite that grows on trees. [2 definitions]
mistook past tense of "mistake."
mistreat to treat badly.
mistress a woman in charge of something.
mistrust lack of confidence or trust; doubt. [2 definitions]
misty made up of mist or looking like mist. [2 definitions]
misunderstand to fail to understand correctly; give the wrong meaning to.
misunderstanding a failure to understand correctly. [2 definitions]
misunderstood not understood correctly. [2 definitions]
misuse a wrong or incorrect use. [3 definitions]
mite1 a tiny animal that is related to the spider. Most mites are parasites and live on other animals or plants.
mite2 a tiny amount of something, such as money.
mitt a baseball glove. [2 definitions]
mitten a covering for the hand, worn for warmth. Mittens have one section for the thumb and one section for the four fingers.
mix to put different things together so that the parts become one. [5 definitions]
mixed blended together; combined. [2 definitions]
mixed number a number made up of a whole number and a fraction.