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mixed blended together; combined. [2 definitions]
mixed number a number made up of a whole number and a fraction.
mixer a device used for mixing different things together.
mixing bowl a bowl in which things can be combined when preparing food. Mixing bowls come in various sizes.
mixture something that is made by two or more things that are mixed together.
mix-up a confused situation.
ml an abbreviation for milliliter, or milliliters.
mm an abbreviation for millimeter, or millimeters.
Mn symbol of the chemical element manganese.
MN an abbreviation for Minnesota.
MO an abbreviation for Missouri.
mo. an abbreviation for month.
moan a long, low sound of pain, grief, or sorrow. [3 definitions]
moat a deep ditch dug around a castle, fort, or town for protection against enemies. Moats are usually filled with water.
mob a large crowd of angry or excited people. [4 definitions]
mobile able to move or be moved easily from one place or position to another. [3 definitions]
mobile home a house or trailer that can be moved but is often placed in one location for a long time.
moccasin a soft leather shoe or slipper without a heel. Moccasins were first made and worn by American Indians.
mock to make fun of in a mean way. [3 definitions]
mockingbird a gray and white North American songbird. It has many different calls and can also copy the sounds that other birds make.
mode1 a way of doing something.