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modest not thinking too highly of oneself; humble. [3 definitions]
modify to change in some way; alter. [3 definitions]
module a part of a device or machine that can be separated from the main section. [2 definitions]
Mohawk an important river of New York State. It flows east from central New York toward the Atlantic. [2 definitions]
moist slightly or somewhat wet.
moisten to make or become slightly wet.
moisture a small amount of liquid in the air or on a surface.
Mojave Desert a very dry region of southern California.
molar1 a large tooth located in the back of the mouth, with a broad biting surface used for grinding food.
molasses a thick, sweet dark brown syrup made from sugar cane.
mold1 a hollow form used to give a particular shape to a soft or liquid substance that is poured into it. The material becomes hard and takes the shape of the mold. [3 definitions]
mold2 a fungus that grows on the surface of plant or animal materials such as food or leather. Some kinds of mold are fuzzy or fluffy. Penicillin is a kind of mold.
molding the act of shaping or forming something. [2 definitions]
Moldova a country of eastern Europe bordered by Romania and Ukraine. The capital of Moldova is Chisnau.
mole2 a small, permanent spot on the skin. Moles are usually brown and sometimes slightly raised.
mole3 a small animal with tiny eyes and very soft fur that lives underground in tunnels. Moles are insectivores; they are mammals that eat insects. Different kinds of moles are found in Europe, Asia, and North America. [2 definitions]
molecule the smallest unit of a substance that has all the properties of that substance. A molecule is made up of a single atom or group of atoms.
mollusk an animal in a large group of invertebrates or animals without backbones. Most kinds of mollusks live in the ocean and have soft bodies covered by a shell. Snails, clams, squid, and octopuses are examples of mollusks.
molt to shed or cast off skin, feathers, fur, or horns, and grow a new covering.
molten made liquid by very high heat.
mom (informal) mother.