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moor1 an area of land that is open and wet. Heather and other plants that need acid soil grow on moors.
moor2 to fix in place with cables or lines. [2 definitions]
moose the largest kind of deer. Male moose have very large antlers that are shaped like a hand with spread fingers. Moose are mammals with hooves. They live in the northern United States and in Canada. Moose also live in northern Europe and Asia, where they are called elk.
mop a tool with rags, a sponge, or yarn attached to one end of a long handle. A mop is used to wash floors or decks. [3 definitions]
mope to act dull and sad; sulk; pout. [2 definitions]
moped a heavy bicycle fitted with a motor that does not have much power.
moral having to do with what is right and what is wrong in how a person acts. [4 definitions]
morale the state of mind of a person or group; spirit.
morality inner beliefs about what is right and what is wrong that make one choose the path of right behavior. [2 definitions]
more in greater number, amount, or degree. [6 definitions]
more or less in some ways; somewhat. [2 definitions]
moreover beyond what has already been said; in addition; also.
Mormon a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [2 definitions]
morning the early part of the day, beginning when the sun rises and ending about noon. [2 definitions]
morning glory a climbing vine with flowers that open in the morning and close by evening. Morning glory flowers are shaped like a trumpet and come in several colors.
Morocco a country in northern Africa. Rabat is the capital of Morocco.
moron a very foolish or stupid person.
morsel a small piece that is the right size for one bite; bit.
mortal not living forever; having to die some day. [5 definitions]
mortar1 a heavy bowl in which things are ground or pounded into powder with a tool called a pestle.
mortar2 a material made from lime, sand, and water and used to hold bricks or stones in place.