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mop a tool with rags, a sponge, or yarn attached to one end of a long handle. A mop is used to wash floors or decks. [3 definitions]
mope to act dull and sad; sulk; pout. [2 definitions]
moped a heavy bicycle fitted with a motor that does not have much power.
moral having to do with what is right and what is wrong in how a person acts. [4 definitions]
morale the state of mind of a person or group; spirit.
morality inner beliefs about what is right and what is wrong that make one choose the path of right behavior. [2 definitions]
more in greater number, amount, or degree. [6 definitions]
more or less in some ways; somewhat. [2 definitions]
moreover beyond what has already been said; in addition; also.
Mormon a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [2 definitions]
morning the early part of the day, beginning when the sun rises and ending about noon. [2 definitions]
morning glory a climbing vine with flowers that open in the morning and close by evening. Morning glory flowers are shaped like a trumpet and come in several colors.
Morocco a country in northern Africa. Rabat is the capital of Morocco.
moron a very foolish or stupid person.
morsel a small piece that is the right size for one bite; bit.
mortal not living forever; having to die some day. [5 definitions]
mortar1 a heavy bowl in which things are ground or pounded into powder with a tool called a pestle.
mortar2 a material made from lime, sand, and water and used to hold bricks or stones in place.
mortgage a written agreement by which a bank or other institution agrees to lend money so that one can buy a property. The bank holds a claim to this property until the money is paid back.
mosaic a picture or design made with many small colored pieces of glass, tile, or stone. These pieces are fitted together and cemented into place.
Moscow the capital city of Russia.