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move on to change to a new place, position, or subject.
move over to change position to make room for another.
mover (sometimes plural) a person or company whose business is to move furniture from one home or business to another.
movie a motion picture; film. [2 definitions]
movie theater a building where people go to see movies on a large screen.
moving that changes place or position. [3 definitions]
mow1 to cut down with a blade or machine. [2 definitions]
mower a machine for mowing grass or a person who mows.
mown a past participle of mow1.
Mozambique a country in southeastern Africa. Maputo is the capital of Mozambique.
M.P. an abbreviation for "Member of Parliament."
mpg an abbreviation for "miles per gallon."
mph an abbreviation for "miles per hour."
Mr. an abbreviation for Mister, which is often used as a title of respect before a man's last name.
Mrs. an abbreviation for Mistress, which is a title of respect used before a married woman's name.
MS1 an abbreviation for Mississippi.
Ms. a title of respect often used before a woman's last name.
MT an abbreviation for Montana.
Mt. an abbreviation for mount, or mountain.
much great in degree, number, or amount. [4 definitions]
mucilage a sticky substance used as glue.