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multiple having or made of more than one part; many. [2 definitions]
multiple-choice of a test or quiz, listing for each question several possible answers from which the correct one is to be chosen.
multiplicand a number that is to be multiplied by another.
multiplication an arithmetic operation that combines two numbers to give one number, called a product. [2 definitions]
multiplication sign a mathematical sign (x) that says that the numbers before and after it are to be multiplied.
multiplier a number by which another number is multiplied.
multiply1 to increase the number, degree, or amount of. [5 definitions]
multitude a large number of people, animals, or things.
multivitamin a compound or combination of several vitamins in a single pill, tablet, or dose.
mum4 an informal British word for mother. Mum has the same meaning as mom.
mumble to speak low and in a way that is not easy to understand; mutter. [3 definitions]
mummify to make a dead body into a mummy by using special chemicals and wrapping it tightly in cloth. This process preserves the body.
mummy a dead body that has been preserved with special chemicals and wrapped in cloth. The ancient Egyptians are famous for their mummies.
mumps (used with a singular or plural verb) a disease that children get that causes the glands to swell.
munch to chew in a noisy way, making a crunching sound.
municipal of or having to do with a local government or unit of government.
mural a large picture painted on or made a part of a wall or ceiling.
murder the deliberate and unlawful killing of a person. [2 definitions]
murky dark or gloomy. [2 definitions]
murmur a sound that is soft, muffled, and ongoing, like the sound made by quiet conversation. [2 definitions]
Murray River a river in southeastern Australia.