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muskmelon a round melon with juicy, sweet flesh that ranges in color from almost white to light orange or green. A cantaloupe is a kind of muskmelon.
musk ox a large mammal with long, dark fur and wide horns. Musk oxen live in the northern regions of North America and Greenland. They have wide hooves for walking on snow. Musk oxen are closely related to cattle.
muskrat a North American rodent that lives in and near water. Muskrats are about one foot long with brown fur and a long tail. They make burrows in the banks of streams or build reed huts in marshes and ponds.
Muslim having to do with the religion of Islam. [2 definitions]
muslin a sturdy cotton cloth used for sheets and clothing.
muss to make a mess of; put into disorder (often followed by "up").
mussel an animal with a soft body and a hard shell made of two hinged pieces that open and close. Many kinds of mussels live in the ocean and in fresh water. Mussels are mollusks and are closely related to clams and oysters. People eat some kinds of mussels.
must1 to be forced to; have to or need to. [4 definitions]
mustache the hair that grows above a human's upper lip. This hair is often allowed to grow and then is cut or trimmed into shape.
mustang a wild horse of the western plains of North America.
mustard a group of plants native to Europe and Asia. Mustard plants have yellow flowers and seeds that grow in pods. [3 definitions]
muster to cause to come together; assemble. [4 definitions]
mustn't shortened form of "must not."
musty having a taste or smell of mold; damp or stale.
mutant a life form whose genes are different from those of its parents. A mutant has new traits or characteristics that it can pass on to its offspring.
mute not able or willing to speak; silent. [6 definitions]
mutilate to destroy by cutting or tearing off a necessary part. [2 definitions]
mutineer one who openly goes against the person or group in charge; one who takes part in a mutiny.
mutiny open disobeying or fighting against the leaders in charge; open rebellion against lawful authority. [2 definitions]
mutt a dog of mixed or unknown breed; mongrel.
mutter to speak in a low tone that is hard to understand; mumble. [2 definitions]