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mutt a dog of mixed or unknown breed; mongrel.
mutter to speak in a low tone that is hard to understand; mumble. [2 definitions]
mutton the meat of an adult sheep.
mutual felt, said, or done by each for the other; shared by two or more people; given and received. [2 definitions]
muumuu a long, loose-fitting dress made with fabric of a bright color or pattern.
muzzle the part of the head of some animals that contains the nose, jaws, and mouth. [6 definitions]
my belonging to me, done by me, or having to do with me.
Myanmar a country in southeastern Asia. Myanmar was called Burma until 1989. Rangoon (or Yangon) is the capital of Myanmar.
myrtle a kind of shrub that has evergreen leaves and bears pink or white flowers and fragrant dark blue berries. Myrtle is found in the Mediterranean region and western Asia. [2 definitions]
myself used to emphasize "me" or "I." [3 definitions]
mysterious full of or relating to mystery. [2 definitions]
mystery a matter that is secret or that cannot be known or explained. [2 definitions]
mystify to confuse or puzzle, often on purpose.
myth a story or group of stories that form part of the traditional knowledge of a society. Myths often use imaginative plots and characters to explain how the world began and why nature and people behave the way they do. [2 definitions]
mythical having to do with or appearing in a myth. [2 definitions]
mythology a collection of myths.
N1 symbol of the chemical element nitrogen.
n the fourteenth letter of the English alphabet.
Na symbol of the chemical element sodium.
NAACP an organization that works for equal rights for African Americans. NAACP is the abbreviation for "National Association for the Advancement of Colored People."
nab (informal) to catch or seize; arrest. [2 definitions]