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nationwide throughout or over the entire nation. [2 definitions]
native being the place of birth or origin. [6 definitions]
Native American a member of any of the peoples who have lived in North America, South America, or Central America since the time before the Europeans arrived.
NATO a group of nations that have promised to defend each other in times of need. NATO stands for "North Atlantic Treaty Organization." The United States, Canada, Turkey, and many European nations are members of NATO.
natural of or produced by nature; not made by humans. [7 definitions]
natural gas a mixture of gases found in the earth's crust. Natural gas is burned as cooking and heating fuel.
natural history the study of plants, animals, rocks, land forms, and other objects in nature or the physical world.
naturalist a person who studies the natural world, especially plants and animals.
naturalize to make a citizen of; grant the rights of a citizen to.
naturally in a natural way; in a normal manner. [3 definitions]
natural resource materials that are found in nature and that can be used by people in many ways. Fresh water, soil, coal, and forests are all examples of natural resources.
nature basic character and qualities of a person or thing. [3 definitions]
naught the number zero. [2 definitions]
naughty not behaving or obeying; mischievous.
Nauru a Pacific island country slightly south of the equator and northeast of New Guinea. The capital of Nauru is Yaren.
nausea a sick feeling in the stomach with the need to vomit.
nautical having to do with the sea, sailing, or sailors.
nautical mile a unit of length equal to 1.852 kilometers or 6,076.1 feet, used to measure the distance traveled by sea and air.
Navajo a member of a Native American people whose homeland lies in parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. [2 definitions]
naval having to do with a navy or its ships. [2 definitions]
navel a round scar or hollow just below a person's waist. The navel is the spot where the umbilical cord was attached before the person's birth.