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nautical having to do with the sea, sailing, or sailors.
nautical mile a unit of length equal to 1.852 kilometers or 6,076.1 feet, used to measure the distance traveled by sea and air.
Navajo a member of a Native American people whose homeland lies in parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. [2 definitions]
naval having to do with a navy or its ships. [2 definitions]
navel a round scar or hollow just below a person's waist. The navel is the spot where the umbilical cord was attached before the person's birth.
navigate to plan, manage, or control the course of (a ship, aircraft, or the like). [5 definitions]
navigation the act or practice of setting a course for or finding one's way to a destination, especially by ship, aircraft, or other vehicle; the act or practice of navigating. [2 definitions]
navigator a person who charts, sets, and steers the course of a ship or aircraft. [2 definitions]
navy (often capitalized) the part of a nation's military organization that conducts war on or over the sea. [3 definitions]
nay no. The word "nay" used to be part of common speech but now is only used to say "no" in voting. [2 definitions]
Nazi a member of the political party that held power in Germany from 1933 to 1945. This political party was led by Adolf Hitler. The word "Nazi" is a short form of the German name for "National Socialist German Workers' Party."
NC abbreviation of "North Carolina."
NC17 a movie rating that means persons seventeen years old and younger will not be admitted. "NC17" stands for "No Children 17 or Under."
ND abbreviation of "North Dakota."
NE1 abbreviation of "Nebraska." [3 definitions]
Ne symbol of the chemical element neon.
near to, at, or within a short distance from a person or thing. [8 definitions]
nearby located close at hand; not far away. [2 definitions]
nearly almost; just about but not quite.
nearsighted able to see objects clearly only when they are near.
neat clean and in proper order, or liking to keep things that way; tidy. [3 definitions]