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nearsighted able to see objects clearly only when they are near.
neat clean and in proper order, or liking to keep things that way; tidy. [3 definitions]
Neb. an abbreviation for Nebraska.
Nebraska a state in the midwestern United States. Its capital is Lincoln. (abbreviated: NE)
nebula a cloud of dust or gas found between the stars. A nebula may seem either bright or dark, depending on how it reacts with light.
necessarily certain to be.
necessary needed; not able to be put aside. [2 definitions]
necessity a person or thing that is needed. [2 definitions]
neck the part of the body of both human beings and animals that connects the head with the body. [3 definitions]
neck and neck in almost the same position; nearly even.
neckerchief a square of cloth folded and tied about the neck.
necklace jewelry worn around the neck. A necklace can be made of beads, precious stones, metals, or other materials.
necktie a strip of cloth worn around the neck, usually by men. A necktie is tucked under the collar of a shirt and knotted at the throat.
nectar the sweet liquid a plant makes that attracts insects and birds.
nectarine a type of peach with a smooth skin.
need something that one wants or must have. [6 definitions]
needle a thin instrument made of steel with a hole at one end for thread and a sharp point at the other. A needle is used for sewing cloth or closing wounds. [6 definitions]
needless of no use; not wanted.
needlework work done with a needle and thread as decoration; embroidery.
needn't shortened form of do not.
needy needing things such as food, money, family, or love.