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nostalgia a longing for the past.
nostril one of the two outside openings in the nose.
nosy showing too much interest in other people's activities.
not in no way; to no degree; at no time.
notable worthy of special attention; remarkable. [2 definitions]
notation a system of signs used to stand for numbers, words, or musical notes. [2 definitions]
notch a cut shaped like a V in an edge or object. [3 definitions]
note a short letter. [8 definitions]
notebook a book of blank pages to keep notes in.
notebook computer a very small, light computer that is easy to carry; laptop computer.
noted well known; famous.
not give (or care) a hoot (informal) to not care at all.
no thanks to without the help of.
nothing not anything; no thing. [4 definitions]
nothing doing indeed not. [2 definitions]
not hold a candle to to not do nearly as well as.
notice warning, news, or sign of something, especially in written or printed form. [3 definitions]
noticeable easily noticed.
notify to tell about; give notice of.
notion an idea, opinion, or view. [2 definitions]
notoriety the condition or quality of being widely known or spoken of, especially for something that is not good.