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not hold a candle to to not do nearly as well as.
notice warning, news, or sign of something, especially in written or printed form. [3 definitions]
noticeable easily noticed.
notify to tell about; give notice of.
notion an idea, opinion, or view. [2 definitions]
notoriety the condition or quality of being widely known or spoken of, especially for something that is not good.
notorious known for something bad.
noun a word that names a person, place, thing, or condition. A noun may be the subject of a sentence or the object of a verb or preposition.
nourish to supply with food needed for life and growth. [2 definitions]
nourishment something needed for life and growth; food.
Nov. abbreviation of "November."
Nova Scotia a province in southeastern Canada on the Atlantic coast. Its capital is Halifax.
novel1 a long work of fiction, usually having a plot and characters.
novel2 new and unusual.
novelty the quality of being new or unusual. [3 definitions]
November the eleventh month of the year. November has thirty days.
novice a person with little or no experience at a particular job or activity. [2 definitions]
now at this time or in these times. [7 definitions]
nowadays during these present times.
now and again sometimes; occasionally.
now and then sometimes; every once and a while.