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nursery school a school for children before they go to kindergarten.
nurse's office in a school, the office of the school's nurse, where students go for help if they are injured or do not feel well during school.
nut a dry seed or fruit made up of a kernel contained in a hard, tough shell. The kernel of a nut is often used as food. The kernal is often called the "meat" of the nut. [4 definitions]
nutcracker a tool for cracking the shell of a nut.
nuthatch a small bird with a short tail and a long, narrow beak. It climbs about on trees in search of insects, moving down the trunk head first.
nutmeat the part of a nut that can be eaten.
nutmeg the seed of an evergreen tree of East India. Nutmeg is made into a powder and used as a spice.
nutria a small mammal with thick brown fur and a long thin tail. Nutrias are rodents closely related to guinea pigs and porcupines. They build burrows near wet areas such as swamps. Nutrias used to only live in South America, but they have spread to much of the United States and Europe.
nutrient something in food that helps people, animals, and plants live and grow.
nutrition the act or process of eating and using the nutrients in food for living and growing. [2 definitions]
nutritious having a large amount of vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients.
nutshell the hard cover of a nut.
nuzzle to touch, push, or rub the nose against.
NV abbreviation of "Nevada."
NW abbreviation of "northwest."
NY abbreviation of "New York."
nylon a strong, artificial material used to make yarn, cloth, plastic, and many other products. [2 definitions]
nymph one of the goddesses in Greek or Roman mythology who live in rivers, mountains, or trees. [2 definitions]
O2 symbol of the chemical element oxygen.
o the fifteenth letter of the English alphabet.
oak a tree that belongs to the beech family and bears acorns. [2 definitions]