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obtuse angle an angle greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees.
obvious easily seen or understood; clear.
obviously in a way that is easy to see or understand; clearly.
occasion an event or the time at which it happens. [3 definitions]
occasional happening now and then or not too often.
occasionally at times; now and then; not frequently.
occupant someone who lives or works in a place or fills a position.
occupation the work a person does to earn a living; profession. [3 definitions]
occupy to take and control. [4 definitions]
occur to take place; happen. [3 definitions]
occurrence the process or fact of taking place or happening. [2 definitions]
ocean the vast body of salt water covering about three quarters of the earth's surface. [2 definitions]
Oceania the region of the earth that includes all the islands of the central, western, and southern Pacific Ocean. Sometimes Oceania is considered to include Australia, New Zealand, and the islands of southeast Asia.
oceanography the science that studies the oceans and the animals and plants that live in oceans.
ocelot a wild cat with yellow or brown fur and black spots or stripes. Ocelots look like leopards but are smaller. They live in South and Central America, sometimes as far north as Texas. They are carnivorous mammals that eat birds, snakes, and small mammals.
o'clock of or according to the clock.
Oct. an abbreviation for "October."
oct- see "octo-."
octagon a flat closed figure with eight straight sides.
octave a musical tone with the same name as another, higher or lower tone. When a tone is played with its octave, the tones blend together and sound almost like a single note. The higher of the tones in an octave always has twice as many vibrations per second as the lower note. [2 definitions]
octo- a prefix that means "eight."