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octave a musical tone with the same name as another, higher or lower tone. When a tone is played with its octave, the tones blend together and sound almost like a single note. The higher of the tones in an octave always has twice as many vibrations per second as the lower note. [2 definitions]
octo- a prefix that means "eight."
October the tenth month of the year. October has thirty-one days.
octopus a sea animal with a soft, rounded body and eight long tentacles. Octopuses are carnivores that eat crabs, lobsters, and other small sea animals. They are mollusks and are closely related to squids.
odd different from what is expected or usual; strange. [4 definitions]
oddity a strange or unusual thing, person, or event. [2 definitions]
odds the probability that one thing is more likely to happen than another. [2 definitions]
odds and ends a group of different kinds of items; bits and pieces; scraps.
odor smell or scent.
odour a spelling of odor used in Canada and Britain. See odor for more information.
of used to show distance or separation from. [10 definitions]
of course certainly. [2 definitions]
off away from a surface. [13 definitions]
off base wrong; mistaken
offence a spelling of offense used in Canada and Britain. See offense for more information.
offend to cause to be angry, annoyed, or insulted.
offense the act of breaking a law or rule or doing something wrong; crime; sin. [3 definitions]
offensive not pleasant; disagreeable. [4 definitions]
offer to present to be accepted or refused. [6 definitions]
offering that which is offered, either as a gift or for sale.
off guard not ready; careless.