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off base wrong; mistaken
offence a spelling of "offense" used in Canada and Britain. See "offense" for more information.
offend to cause to be angry, annoyed, or insulted.
offense the act of breaking a law or rule or doing something wrong; crime; sin. [3 definitions]
offensive not pleasant; disagreeable. [4 definitions]
offer to present to be accepted or refused. [6 definitions]
offering that which is offered, either as a gift or for sale.
off guard not ready; careless.
offhand done without thinking or preparing ahead of time.
office a place where business or professional work is done. [3 definitions]
office building a building that contains only or mostly business offices.
officer a person holding a position of trust and responsibility in a business, organization, or government agency. [3 definitions]
official a person who holds an office in a business organization or a government. [4 definitions]
off-road of a type of vehicle used away from streets and highways.
offset to make up for or balance.
offshoot a branch or shoot from the main stem of a plant. [2 definitions]
offshore away from the shore. [3 definitions]
offspring the child or young of a particular human, animal, or plant.
off the air not broadcast on radio or television.
off the beaten path in a place that is hard to reach or not visited often.
off the beaten track in a place difficult to reach or not often visited.