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ongoing continuing from sometime in the past into the present.
on guard alert and prepared.
on hand ready right there.
onion a round bulb with a sharp taste and smell. Onions are used in cooking and as a flavoring. [2 definitions]
on (one's) last legs having very little energy, strength, hope, or ability to go on; likely to collapse or die.
online connected to or reached through a computer or computer network. [2 definitions]
only as the single instance. [5 definitions]
on occasion now and then; irregularly.
on one's toes (informal) alert and ready to act.
on purpose not by accident; deliberately.
onset the early stage; beginning. [2 definitions]
on tap ready to be served from a cask. [2 definitions]
Ontario a south central province of Canada that lies on the north shore of the Great Lakes. Its capital is Toronto. [2 definitions]
on the air broadcast on radio or television.
on the average usually; generally.
on the ball acting in a quick and able way. [2 definitions]
on the blink broken; needing repair.
on the contrary not agreeing with something already said.
on the dot (informal) exactly on time; punctually.
on the double (informal) right away; immediately.
on the house free, as a gift from a business.