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ooze1 to leak out slowly. Liquids, gases, and sounds may ooze.
opal a mineral that is white, black, blue, or yellow. Opals are used as gems.
opaque not letting light pass through. [2 definitions]
OPEC an association made up of several Arab nations that sell the oil they produce to other countries. "OPEC" is an abbreviation of "Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries."
open allowing something or someone to pass through or to get to the inside; not shut or closed. [16 definitions]
opener someone or something that opens. [3 definitions]
opening the act, process, or result of making open or causing to become open. [5 definitions]
openly in a way that involves no hiding or lying.
open-minded not having made opinions or decisions ahead of time; willing to consider new ideas.
opera1 a play in which all or most of the words are sung and the music is played by an orchestra.
operate to work or run. [3 definitions]
operation the act or process of working or running. [4 definitions]
operator someone who controls the working of a machine or the activities of a business. [2 definitions]
operetta a short, funny opera, with words that are spoken as well as sung.
ophthalmologist a doctor who works in the branch of medicine that studies and treats diseases of the eye.
ophthalmology the branch of medicine that studies and treats diseases of the eye.
opinion what one thinks about something or somebody; viewpoint. An opinion is not necessarily based on facts. Feelings and experiences usually help a person form an opinion. [3 definitions]
opossum a small mammal with gray fur, a pointed nose, and a long tail, which it uses to hang from tree branches. The common opossum is the only marsupial that lives in North America. Several other kinds of opossums live in Central and South America. The female opossum carries her young in a pouch in her belly. [2 definitions]
opponent one who fights, plays, or takes a position against another.
opportunity a chance for a better situation. [2 definitions]
oppose to think, act, or be against; resist. [2 definitions]