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original first; earliest. [6 definitions]
originality the ability to think or act in a new way or as an individual. [2 definitions]
originally at first.
originate to start or come into being. [2 definitions]
Orinoco River a major river of South America that starts near the Venezuelan border with Brazil, flows across Venezuela, then along the border with Colombia, and finally empties into the Atlantic Ocean.
oriole a songbird that can be found in many parts of the world. Males have black and bright yellow or orange feathers. There are two main groups of birds that are considered orioles. There are several different kinds of orioles in each group.
Orion a hunter and giant in Greek myth. [2 definitions]
ornament something that is added to make something more beautiful to look at; decoration. [2 definitions]
ornate having a lot of decoration; fancy.
ornery mean; stubborn.
ornithology the study of birds.
orphan a child whose parents have died. [2 definitions]
orphanage a place where orphans live and are cared for.
orthodontics (used with a singular verb) the branch of dental medicine that deals with the straightening of teeth.
orthodontist a dentist who works in the branch of dental medicine that deals with the straightening of teeth.
orthodox of, having to do with, or following what is believed or practiced by most other people.
Oslo the capital city of Norway.
osmosis the passage of a liquid through a membrane until the concentration is the same on both sides of the membrane.
ostrich a large, powerful African bird that can run very fast but cannot fly. It has two toes on each foot and no feathers on its long legs and neck.
other different from the one or ones mentioned. [8 definitions]
otherwise in a different manner or other way. [3 definitions]