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out- a prefix that means "out," "outside," or "outward." [2 definitions]
outboard motor a small gasoline engine with a propeller, which is attached to the stern of a boat.
outbreak a sudden breaking out. [2 definitions]
outburst a sudden coming forth of strong feeling.
outcast one who is driven out or rejected by society or a group.
outcome a result of something.
outcry a loud cry, shout, or uproar. [2 definitions]
outdated not in fashion or no longer in use.
outdid past tense of outdo.
outdo to do more or better than.
outdone past participle of outdo.
outdoor used or happening in the open air.
outdoors in the open air; outside. [2 definitions]
outer of or having to do with the part most distant from the center.
outer space region beyond the atmosphere of the earth.
outfield the area of a baseball or softball field beyond the infield. [2 definitions]
outfit a set of equipment for a particular activity. [4 definitions]
outgoing going out or leaving. [2 definitions]
outgrew past tense of outgrow.
outgrow to grow too big or old for. [3 definitions]
outgrown past participle of outgrow.