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outrigger a frame attached to one side of a boat to make it more stable.
outright complete or total. [4 definitions]
outrun to run faster, farther, or longer than.
outset the start; first stage; beginning.
outside the outer side or surface. [6 definitions]
outsider a person who does not belong to a particular group.
outskirts the edges or outlying areas of a city or town.
outsmart to get the better of by being clever; outwit.
outspoken speaking in an honest and open way.
outstanding standing out from others because of high quality; excellent. [2 definitions]
outward on or moving toward the outside or surface of. [3 definitions]
outwit to get the better of by using one's wits or by being more clever.
oval having the general shape of an egg; ellipse. [2 definitions]
ovary the organ in a female animal that produces eggs and certain hormones. [2 definitions]
oven a compartment that can be heated for baking or roasting food. A kitchen stove usually has an oven.
over above in position; higher than. [16 definitions]
over- a prefix that means "too much." [2 definitions]
over a barrel unable to refuse because of circumstances.
overall including nearly all; general. [2 definitions]
overalls loose-fitting, heavy trousers with a bib that covers the chest, often worn over clothes for protection from soiling. [2 definitions]
over and above in addition to; besides.