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overdid past tense of "overdo."
overdo to do too much or go too far. [3 definitions]
overdone past participle of "overdo."
overdose too high a dose of medicine or drugs.
overdress to dress in a way that is too formal, or too warm for the occasion.
overdue not paid, delivered, or returned by the due date. [2 definitions]
overeat to eat more than a comfortable, proper, or healthy amount.
overflow to flow over the top edge of something. [5 definitions]
overgrew past tense of "overgrow."
overgrow to grow over with a thick cover of leaves.
overgrown past participle of "overgrow."
overhand with forearm and elbow raised. [2 definitions]
overharvest (of crops or natural products) to harvest or gather in too much quantity or in too great frequency so that the supply becomes reduced or eliminated. [2 definitions]
overhaul to go over carefully, taking apart as necessary and making all needed repairs. [3 definitions]
overhead at any height directly or generally above the head. [3 definitions]
overhear to hear without the speaker's knowledge.
overheard past tense and past participle of "overhear."
overjoyed filled with joy; extremely happy.
overlap to cover or go over part of.
overload to put too heavy or great a load in or on.
overlook to fail to see or notice. [4 definitions]