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overlap to cover or go over part of.
overload to put too heavy or great a load in or on.
overlook to fail to see or notice. [4 definitions]
overnight for a single night. [5 definitions]
over one's head beyond one's ability to understand.
overpass a bridge or road that crosses over another road or railroad.
overpower to beat or overcome by greater force. [2 definitions]
overran past tense of overrun.
overrule to rule or decide against. [2 definitions]
overrun to spread over, taking hold. [3 definitions]
overseas across any of the oceans; abroad. [3 definitions]
overshoe a rubber or plastic boot worn over other shoes in order to protect them from water or snow.
oversight a lack of paying attention to what one is doing. [2 definitions]
oversleep to sleep beyond the time one meant to get up.
overslept past tense and past participle of oversleep.
overtake to catch up or come even with. [3 definitions]
overtaken past participle of overtake.
overthrew past tense of overthrow.
overthrow to remove from power by force. [2 definitions]
overthrown past participle of overthrow.
overtime time worked beyond the regular working hours in a day or week. [3 definitions]