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pagan a person who practices a religion that worships many gods. [2 definitions]
page1 one side of a sheet of printed or written paper. [2 definitions]
page2 a young person who worked as a servant for a person such as a king. [3 definitions]
pageant a public show about events in history or legend.
pagoda a religious temple of Asia that has curved roof lines at each of its many stories.
paid past tense and past participle of "pay."
pail a container with steep sides and a handle; bucket. [2 definitions]
pain physical hurt or discomfort that is usually caused by injury or illness. Pain is the nervous system's way of telling the brain that something is wrong. [5 definitions]
painful causing pain. [2 definitions]
paint a mixture of liquid and pigments that is used to cover the surface of something. [3 definitions]
paintbrush a brush used to put paint on something.
painter1 one who paints pictures. [2 definitions]
painting a specific picture done by a painter. [3 definitions]
pair two things that are alike and meant to be used together. [5 definitions]
pajamas a loose jacket and pants worn for sleeping.
Pakistan a country in southern Asia. Pakistan is also called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan.
Pakistani of or having to do with the country of Pakistan or its people, culture, or the like. [2 definitions]
pal (informal) a fairly close friend. [2 definitions]
palace the official home of a king or queen or other persons of high rank or authority.
palate the roof of the mouth. The palate is made up of a bony front section and a soft back section. [2 definitions]
pale light in color. [3 definitions]