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palm1 the inner surface of the hand, between the wrist and the base of the fingers. [2 definitions]
palm2 any of a group of tropical plants. Most palms are trees without branches that are topped by crowns of large leaves shaped like feathers.
palmetto a small palm that has leaves shaped like a fan.
palm off to sell or get rid of by tricking someone.
palomino one of a breed of horses that has a golden or tan coat and a yellowish white mane and tail.
pamper to treat or please with too much care or attention; spoil.
pamphlet a thin book that has a paper cover, written to give information on some topic.
Pan the god of woods and fields in Greek mythology, who protects shepherds and sheep. Pan has the legs and sometimes the horns and ears of a goat.
pan an open, shallow metal container for cooking or baking. [4 definitions]
Panama a country in Central America on the border of South America. Panama City is the capital of Panama. [2 definitions]
pancake a flat round cake of batter fried on both sides in a frying pan or a griddle.
pancreas a large gland near the stomach. The pancreas makes digestive juices and insulin.
panda a large black-and-white mammal that is related to bears. They live in the mountains of western China and eat only bamboo plants. They are also called giant pandas. [2 definitions]
Pandora the first woman, according to Greek mythology. Pandora opened the lid of a box out of curiosity and let all the evils fly out into the world.
pane a sheet of glass in a window or door.
panel a section of a door, wall, or other surface that is set apart from the area around it by being raised, sunken, or decorated. [4 definitions]
pang a sudden, sharp pain. [2 definitions]
panic a sudden terror that often causes wild behavior and spreads to many other individuals. [2 definitions]
panorama a full, wide view of a large area.
pansy a garden flower that has flat, rounded petals that feel like velvet. Pansies grow in many colors.
pant to breathe in quick, short breaths; gasp. [3 definitions]