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pardon forgiveness for a small disturbance. [4 definitions]
pare to cut off the outside layer or ends from. [2 definitions]
parent a mother or a father.
parental of, relating to, or characteristic of a parent or parents.
parenthesis either of a pair of punctuation marks ( ). They are used to enclose information that is not part of the main sentence. They are also used to set apart mathematical quantities to be treated as a unit.
paring knife a small knife with a short blade used especially for peeling the skin of vegetables and fruits.
Paris the capital city of France.
parish a district of a Christian religion that has its own church and priest or minister.
park an area of public land, as in a city, that is set aside for rest and enjoyment. [3 definitions]
parka a warm jacket with a hood.
parking lot an area, usually paved with concrete or asphalt, where motor vehicles can be parked.
parking meter a device set next to a parking space that accepts coins to pay for parking there and shows the amount of time allowed.
parkway a divided road or highway with trees, grass, or bushes along the sides or on the center strip. [2 definitions]
parliament a group of people who make the laws for a country. [2 definitions]
parlor a room in a house, hotel, restaurant, or the like for conversation or for entertaining guests. [2 definitions]
parochial having to do with or in a church parish.
parole the release of a prisoner before the time of punishment is finished. Prisoners who are given parole have behaved well in prison. When on parole, they must obey certain rules. [2 definitions]
parrot a tropical bird with a short, hooked bill and brightly colored feathers. Parrots can often imitate spoken words and other sounds. [2 definitions]
parsley a garden herb used to season or decorate food.
parsnip a plant like a carrot. The parsnip has yellow flowers and a large, pale root that can be eaten. [2 definitions]
parson a pastor in a Protestant church; minister.