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part company to end a friendship or relationship.
partial not complete. [3 definitions]
partially partly; not completely.
participant a person who takes part.
participate to take part; share (usually followed by "in").
participation the act or an instance of participating.
participle a form of a verb that can also sometimes be used as an adjective. In the sentence "The broken machine was very tiring to fix," the words "broken," and "tiring" are participles.
particle a tiny amount or small piece; speck; trace.
particular of or having to do with a single person, thing, or event and not any other. [5 definitions]
particularly to an unusual degree; more than other things in a group.
partition a wall or partial wall that separates or divides space. [3 definitions]
partly in some degree or measure; in part.
partner a person who shares in an activity with another person. [4 definitions]
partnership a business that is owned by two or more persons. [2 definitions]
part of speech one of the major categories into which words are often grouped, according to their function. Adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, interjections, nouns, prepositions, pronouns, and verbs are parts of speech in English.
partridge a plump game bird with brown or gray feathers that make a whirring sound when the bird is rising to fly. The grouse and bobwhite are kinds of partridges.
part-time less than full time.
party a gathering of people to celebrate or have fun. [4 definitions]
pass to go past; move beyond. [14 definitions]
passage a way through which something can pass; corridor; channel. [4 definitions]
passageway a hall or other way along which people or things may pass.