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passport an official document that shows that the holder is a citizen of a country. A passport gives one the right to travel in other countries and return to one's own country.
password a secret word or phrase that allows one to enter a place, or get information that is given only to those who use the password.
past gone by in time; ended. [12 definitions]
pasta a food made from flour, eggs, and water and dried in various forms, such as macaroni or spaghetti.
paste1 a mixture used to stick paper or other light materials together. Paste can be made of water and flour. Paste bought in a store will have other ingredients. [4 definitions]
pastel a pale, soft color. [5 definitions]
pasteurize to heat for a certain length of time. Food and drinks are pasteurized in order to kill most of the harmful bacteria.
pastime an activity that makes the time pass in a pleasant way.
pastor a minister or priest in charge of a church or congregation.
past participle a participle that either indicates a completed action or past state, such as "broken" in "I have broken my arm," or serves as an adjective, as "broken" in "a broken toy."
pastry a dough of flour, shortening, and water that is baked and used for pie crusts. [3 definitions]
past tense a form of a verb that shows that something happened in the past or that a condition existed in the past. In the sentence, "We baked a cake," "baked" is in the past tense.
pasture a piece of land on which animals are put to graze. [3 definitions]
pat1 to strike or tap softly with something flat, such as the open palm or fingers. [4 definitions]
patch a small piece of material used to cover a hole or tear or to make a weak place stronger. [6 definitions]
patchwork pieces of cloth or leather sewn together in a pattern.
patent a government grant that gives someone the right to make, use, or sell an invention. A patent is given for a certain number of years. [2 definitions]
patent leather leather that has a hard, shiny finish.
paternal having to do with or typical of a father. [2 definitions]
path a track beaten by the feet of people or animals. [3 definitions]
pathetic causing feelings of pity or sorrow.